Jeffrey C. Jacobs is a published author of eclectic short fiction. His publications include the following:

The Witness Paradox
Featuring Let’s Kill John A. OR John Wilkes Booth Must Die, © 2018, Jeffrey C. Jacobs
Reliquary: A Dozen Stories of the Strange, Wonderful, and Once Forgotten
Featuring The Twin Dilemma, © 2018, Jeffrey C. Jacobs
Featuring The Unstoppable Annihilation, © 2013, Jeffrey C. Jacobs
The Outsiders
Featuring HOX D2: A Love Story, © 2019, Jeffrey C. Jacobs
The Curator
Featuring The Arctanthropist, © 2018, Jeffrey C. Jacobs
Tranquility and Other Myths
Featuring Mission, Empty, and Branes, 3 Twelve-Word Stories, © 2017, Jeffrey C. Jacobs
Uncommon Threads: A Drove of Devient Sci-Fi & Fantasy (Out of Print)
Featuring Mission, Empty, and Branes, 3 Twelve-Word Stories, © 2015, Jeffrey C. Jacobs

Out of Print

Works in Progress

  • Cross Duty
  • Twilight Wanderer
  • A Hard Day’s Night at the Opera (An The Infinity House story)
  • You Rang (Short Film Script)
  • Project Kronosphere (Dude, don’t get me started!)

Workshops and Critiques

  • Reston Writers Review (Meetup, Facebook, Blog)
  • The Loudoun County Writers Group (Meetup)
  • The Hourlings (Meetup, Facebook, Blog, Facebook Group)
  • Fairfax Sci/Fi Fantasy (Meetup)