Welcome to the official we page for TimeHorse, LLC. Founded Saturday, 7 August 2010, we have been operating and serving our community since then. Through the years, we offer various software services such as the Lothar iOS app, and handle all publications which you can find here.

While our primary product has been Lothar, we also have developed products such as Tap to Go Back, an algorithm which can adapt the previous button to skip back a fixed amount rather than to the beginning of the currently playing track. This feature would be most useful when listening to Audiobooks and would be quite similar to the functionality provided by the Audible app. However, as audible’s app added this functionality, we abandoned work on this project.

Another product we wanted to develop was called I'm Running Late. The idea behind this app would be for hands-free driving. The idea would be that, at a given time, if you were not already at your destination, such as a place of employment or a family gathering, it would send a text automatically to a predefined number, letting the owner know you were on your way but running late. Back when I worked at the Naval Research Laboratory a good hour from my home in traffic, if I ran into some delay such as a car reck ahead, I could focus on driving and not have to stop by the side of the road to worry about texting people waiting for me.

The problem with Tap to Go Back is that Apple created the Shortcuts App. With the shortcuts app, you have access to automated scripts which can do things like send text messages for you. Since sending texts required a confirmation, defeating the purpose of hands free while driving, it made our app rather clumsy. But with Shortcuts, you can skip the confirmation and send the message or an email automatically, which is exactly what our app needed to do, again making it redundant.

As a part of TimeHorse, LLC, we also publish our literary works. It’s through this that we licensed the rights to Let’s Kill John A., OR John Wilkes Booth Must Die to Tannhouser Press and it was published in The Witness Paradox. There’s also an audio book for the anthology where the narrator does a good job of reproducing the QuĂ©becois quite well. However, we receive no revenue from Book or Audiobook sales and our payment was a one-time event.

We also received a settlement from the Apple Small Business Developers lawsuit in 2022, which was by far our largest income to date. Historically, Apple charged $99 per year to host an app on their site, no matter how much money you made in a year. The suit forced Apple to democratize app development and temporarily remove the $99 ransom for App Development when the gross cap was under $1,000,000. Unfortunately, Apple is threatening to restore this fee under the Small Business Developers program, which we are bracing for.

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