Lessons in Biology with the Daleks

My good friend Gordon Rutter has started a new series of Doctor Who oriented Science Videos. Learn about Diversity and Variation in the evolution of the Daleks. Yes, I did say Evolution of the Daleks because they may be psychopathic killers of all that’s different but there is variation in the species—or at least fashion in its preference of casing, but let’s not pick nits, shall we?

Gordon give a great little overview of the basic ideas of individual differences, and how that relates to speciation. Have a watch and enjoy some science presented by the DAL-EKS!


Okay, I better get back in the TARDIS before these guys EX-TER-MIN-ATE ME!

2 Replies to “Lessons in Biology with the Daleks”

  1. I get that you don’t like Jodie Whitaker as the Doctor and while I disagree as I absolutely adore her, I respect your desire to dissent. Cheers!

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