The Green Pill Podcast: Adult Bullying

We close our our spring sessions of podcast with a serious topic. Bullying: it doesn’t just end when you grow up.

This is a problem many young women face through ostracized and belittled by so-called peers. Young men may see it as being pushed around or insulted. Either way, it’s painful and even emotionally scarring.

As we get older, though, we come up against cancel-culture. The culture changes and of course what was say was okay long ago may be evil in the modern society. And having to live with that youthful exorbitant that is now rodden be brought back to haunt you is just no way to move on. And don’t get me started on Partner Shaming.

The thing is, we have regrets, we do learn from our mistakes. We don’t necessarily feel the way we did last year, never mind a decade ago. So, cut folks some slack, accept that we may regret our mistakes, and give us the benefit of the doubt. Let the bullying end as we put an end to our Spring season!

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