Jeffrey C. Jacobs

12522 Philmont Drive, Herndon, VA 20170-2561
(703) 904-1735 (H)

(703) 209-2976 (M)


A challenging career in Scientific, Mathematical or Object-Oriented Software Development in C++, Python, XML, Assembly, Objective C, Java or Scala with emphasis on Client-Server, Real-Time and Embedded solutions.


Citizenship and Clearances: U.S. Citizen, Clearance Level Available on Request

Availability: Immediate

Ability to Travel: 50%

Driving Distance: Up to 100 mi (160 km) from Herndon, VA if unable to refuel Electric Car at work site, 200 mi (320 km) if allowed to Charge at Work

Willing to Relocate: Yes


A successful Technical Software Lead and Senior Software Engineer with 25 years of professional Software Development experience.  Up to date technical skills and expertise, currently studying Java and with emphasis on both Microsoft and ISO C++ 2020, Object-Oriented development.  Experience with many aspects of software development, including the design and
development of:

  • 4000 Transactions/second stock analysis component

  • Network Path, Usage Least Cost Routing Algorithm

  • C++ Libraries for Scientific and Calendrical Computing

  • Real-time, Codec and Device Driver Development

  • Audio Component Filter using DSP, FFT

  • XML Transaction Logging System

  • MFC Fat-client Application Development and SQL Server

  • Web development for deprecated, deprecated

  • Python-based Bug Tracking system

  • Python-based Virtual Modeler


Operating Systems: Window NT/2000, UNIX/Linux/Ubuntu/CentOS/Solaris, DOS, X-Windows, KDE, NeXT, MacOS

Computer Languages: ISO C++ 2011, STL, boost, Python, Scala, C, Objective C, Java, XML, XSLT, XML Schema, JavaScript, POSIX, ATL, COM+, ASM, MFC, deprecated, Visual C++, Generic Programming (Templates), Object-Oriented Analysis (OOA), Object-Oriented Design / Development (OOD), Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), SQL, HTML, MS Platform SDK, deprecated, Lisp, TCL/TK, CLIPS (SmallTalk)

Applications: deprecated, SQL Server, Visio, MS Office (Word, Excel, Access), Libre Office, Rational Rose (Case Tools), MS Project, Adobe Photoshop, Intellij, Eclipse, JBuilder, deprecated, Visual SourceSafe, git, mercurial, subversion


Other Skills: RSA, el Gamal, Fourier Analysis, DES, Sink-Source & Dykstra’s Algorithm, χ², Gaussian Distribution, Error & Unit Propagation, H.263, SNMP, TCP/IP, RS232, TL-1, SONET, AVI

Languages: English (native), French (fluent), German (conversational), Italian (conversational)

Work Experience

The Nasdaq Stock Market, Gaithersburg, Maryland



Development Lead
  • ISO C++, STL, OOA, OOP, OOD, real-time, client-server, MSVC++, Win2k, ATL, COM+: Design, Develop complex market algorithms for Stock Market Analysis system

  • XML, ISO C++, STL, OOA, OOP, OOD, MSVC++, ATL, COM: Design, Develop data Logger, Vienna, Virginia



Senior Software Engineer
  • ISO C++, STL, OOA, OOP, OOD, client-server, MSVC++, MFC, Win32, Stingray, COM, GUI: Maintain Application for Realtor use in national and international markets

  • ISO C++, STL, OOA, OOP, OOD, MSVC++, Win32, COM: Design, Develop Custom Printing

  • ISO C++, DES: Design, Develop Cryptographic System for encoding records

MagicSoft (Formerly AC&E, Ltd.), Chantilly, Virginia



Senior Software Engineer
  • ISO C++, STL, OOA, OOP, OOD, Full Life Cycle, Sink-Source, Dykstra, MSVC++, MFC, WinNT: Design, Develop Telecom and Video Conference Scheduler, VCWizard Merlin

  • ISO C++, STL, OOA, OOP, OOD, Full Life Cycle, real-time, client-server, SNMP, TCP/IP, RS232, MSVC++, MFC, COM, WinNT: Design, Develop device control system

Softalia (Formerly Connectus SoftwareAC&E, Ltd.), Chantilly, Virginia



Technical Lead and Software Engineer
  • C++, OOA, OOP, OOD, Full Life Cycle, Team Lead, RS232, TL-1, SONET, MSVC++, MFC, Win16: Design, Develop Telecom Provisioning Applications RCID 3.x – 6.x and NBCID 1.x, 2.x

  • C++, OOA, OOP, OOD, Team Lead, MSVC++, MFC, Win32, AVI, H.263: Initial Design, Develop of Portable Remote Video Application for deprecated, deprecated; Used at deprecated

  • Python, CGI, HTTP, HTML, OOA, OOP, OOD, WWW, MSIIS, ISAPI, MSVC++, ODBC, MS Access, client-server: Design, Develop On-Line Bug Tracking Application

  • ISO C++, STL, OOA, OOP, OOD, RS232, real-time, client-server, MSVC++, WinNT, COM: Design, Develop various device drivers for Video Conferencing System

Time Horse, Multimedia, Montréal, Québec


  • Founded TimeHorse, Multimedia, an international World Wide Web publisher

  • Python, CGI, HTTP, HTML, OOA, OOP, OOD, SMTP, GUI, WWW: deprecated, deprecated

Paul Scherrer Institut, Villegen Switzerland


  • Fortran 77, Gaussian Distribution, χ², VAX: Design, Develop, Analyze Diurnal Weather Patterns

  • Produced final report of results and analysis techniques used deprecated


Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland


Advanced Java Language and Certification
  • Teaching Assistant as well as study, Certification in Progress

McGill University, Montréal, Québec


B.Sc. in Computer Science
  • Originally studied 2 years in Physics


Interests and Activities

Linguistics, Computer Languages, Writing (See Bleed), Music Composition, pyRPG, deprecated, deprecatedAviation, deprecatedMultimediadeprecated, Computer Graphics, Audio DSP/Fourier Analysis, deprecated (Zope), Writingdeprecated


Lori Mitchell, Jeffrey C. Jacobs et al. Bleed. Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, 16 August 2013

An anthology of horror stories and personal tales; proceeds from the sale are donated to The National Children’s Cancer Society.

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Text available on-line at