The Green Pill Podcast: Ghosting

In the old days, when you didn’t want to speak to someone, you just didn’t answer their calls and turned off your porch light. But today, we have so many ways to go about connecting, be it texting, or social networks, or even on blogs like this or via the comment section of our YouTube channel. As such, there are numerous ways to be ghosted, blocked, and ignored.

Ghosting hurts. It’s so dissatisfying when it’s from someone you’ve been in a romantic relationship with, like I discussed with EP. But it cuts to the bone when it’s your best friend! Of course, in those cases I do hold some blame with myself (Ironically, NextDoor actually deleted and blocked my post about that episode.), but, by the same token, it shows a lack of emotional maturity to simply block someone rather than having the courage to stand up, hash things out, and agree to part ways amicably, as I did with my ex-girlfriend.

I could have just ghosted here when I realized things weren’t working out, but we had had a meaningful, 6-month relationship and I cared about her—I still care about her—and I felt she deserved more than a text, or a phone call, but that she deserved to see me in person, hear me explain why it wasn’t working, and reach out as a friend if she wanted to as I still did and still do consider her a dear friend.

And that’s how it’s done folks. Show some common decency and cut out the ghosting. You’ll be a better person for it!