Let’s talk about Hala Ayala tonight

Folks, I want to talk to you about my good friend Hala Ayala tonight. I’ve known Hala since my early days lobbying for the ERA. I passed her on Main Street East in Richmond as I was leaving an ERA shindig. I needed to drive all the way back to Herndon in #CO2Fre1 that evening so was leaving early, so all I got to say to her was “hey!”

However, months later I got to talk to Hala at length at an ERA event in Tyson’s Corner and was happy to make her acquaintance. After all, she’s a tireless fighter for for women who knows first hand the struggles many women, including my mom, have to make to make ends meet. She worked in a petrol station, making minimum wage when the unthinkable happened. She’s a survivor. And as a survivor, no other candidate can more personally know the struggles too many women face.

But Hala didn’t just survive, she thrived. She went back to school and became a Cyber Security expect. In the twenty-first century, we need a Lieutenant Governor who knows her way around the Internet, and how to keep us secure. With growing threats to our very democracy coming from overseas, we need someone like Hala, and no other candidate for Governor has this qualification.

Hala is also a great organizational force. As the Deputy Majority Whip, she makes sure the Virginia Speaker of the House of Delegates has the votes she needs to pass the bills she wants. As our Lieutenant Governor, Hala is well suited to keep push the Governors wishes, whoever she or he may be, through the General Assembly.

And that’s just a small taste of what makes this African-American, Latino, Irish, and Lebanese candidate the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Still not convinced? Then join me tonight in 75 minutes as I discuss what makes Hala so great. Simply register here: https://www.mobilize.us/halaforlg/event/380236/

How to tell Hala's Story
How to Tell Hala’s Story