The Green Pill Podcast: Having Rizz

Y’all may be asking, what is Rizz. Well, if you know what it is, this episode is for you. Rizz, my friends, is having pizzazz, style, je ne sais quoi, or just being cool.

The first step to having Rizz is to have the confidence of believing you have it. After all, there’s nothing more attractive than exuding an air of show you are where you are and where you want to be, and believing in yourself. I know it’s hard to feel that way when you’re starting out with little money and no dating options, but if you see the world in that way, it will come to be. If, on the other hand, you see the world as your oyster, and stand out as someone who seems to know where he’s going—even if you have no idea—believe me, it shows and people will respond positively.

Of course, raw confidence isn’t the only thing you need to have Rizz. You also should show kindness, be friendly, and caring. Stand up for what you believe in but always be open to changing your mind. Be a gentleman and most of all, accept rejection with grace and move on.

When I was your age, I didn’t have confidence, I didn’t know what to believe, and I wasn’t very friendly. And that’s why I had so much trouble meeting people when I was younger. But, now I do have confidence, I do have things I care about, I love learning and am open to debate and change, and I’m even learning to accept rejection. And while 50% of them are hundreds, if not thousands of miles away and thus not of any interest to me, I so still have as of 29 March (when last I checked), 68 of matches on OK Cupid, and 35 on Tinder, though Bumble and Hinge aren’t as productive for me, and on Facebook Dating I’m very popular even when you remove the scammers trying to get you to invest in Bitcoin. Indeed, I met my first long term relationship after the divorce through Facebook Dating, a 6-month pairing I very much cherish.

But, do I have Rizz? I don’t care, and that’s why I do, and you can to!