An Electric Ford Model T?

My good friend Charles Gerena is organizing a special Zoom event on Meetup where we get to meet the owner of a Ford Model T. Now, if you know anything about the old Ford cars, their engines were only built for about 25,000 miles. After that, you’d have to rebuild the engine, replacing worn parts from a very limited supply, and build it back up again for the next 25,000 miles. As I do almost 25,000 a year in #CO2Fre, that’s not much driving for me at all.

So, why, you may ask, am I promoting a Model T Meetup? Simply put, this is no ordinary Model T—this Model T has been electrified! Today, we are going to learn how the owner converted his classic Model T into an electric car, complete with batteries and electric motor. I hope you can join us!

1914 Model T Hack
Electric Cars aren’t always OEM, sometimes they’re converted. Here in Virginia, someone has converted a Ford Model T into an electric car!

Although I’ll not be cruising on my cloud to get there, hope to see you today at 14:00 EDT!