The March 2020 EVA/DC Meeting I never went to

Which is to say, I attended the EVA/DC meeting, but I did so virtually using Zoom. Overall, it was a lovely meeting with some great discussions. I ended up coming in about 15 minutes late but was able to give a summary of all the goings on in Richmond with the Virginia General Assembly.

We had some wonderful discussions about outreach, youth engagement, and updating our famous Info Sheet. We have many EAA chapters who adapt our sheet for their organization. I’m so proud of Doron Shalvi for that!

All in all, another wonderful meeting. Just sorry I accidentally messaged my favorite roller-coaster riding astronomer during the meeting. D’oh. And I’m just sorry #CO2Fre felt so left out!

Idle Electric Car
For the first time in a long time, I attended an EVA/DC meeting without my electric car. That’s because it was a virtual meeting I enjoyed while #CO2Fre sat idle. © 2020, Jeffrey C. Jacobs