You can have any star you want, as long it is gold

One huge flaw with Google‘s iPhone app for Gmail is that it doesn’t support multiple star types. You are only allowed a gold star, while with the computer-based web interface, you can have many different colour stars, warning, and other alerts.

This is a huge oversight in the GMail app compounded by the fact that the applications like Safari, which allow the user to simulate Desktop browsing crash when you activate the standard web interface and try to select a star colour other than gold.

It used to be you could just open up a desktop browser session to manually set the star level but now even that doesn’t work and still the app can’t handle it.

Stars are a very useful aspect to GMail. With stars you can denote more than just that an email is important, but why it is important. For instance, I like to use the blue stars for coupons. I don’t want to mix coupons in with stars to indicate a SpamGourmet email address is about to expire.

This, in my opinion, is a major flaw to the Apple iOS GMail app and I hope someday they add an option to modify star type because I had to spend two hours today unable get my coveted blue star and ended up having to get out of bed and go to the computer just for this very simple action.

As a software, I know they could do better. As a software engineer, I may just end up doing better. Thanks to the Python interface to Google, I likely will do better.

So unless they want to hire me, bugger you, Google!