2020 Résumé

It took forever, figuratively speaking, of course, to finish it, but I finally have my updated Résumé available. It took a lot of work combining the last eighteen years of work experience into concise bullet points and I admit even when I restrict my work experience to only the last twenty years, I still have about 5 pages worth of content. I used to be able to fit it in two, so I’m a bit unhappy about that. Still, it is shorter than the full CV.

Unfortunately, updating my job history wasn’t the end of the updates. For one thing, the Xmplify fix to get it to understand my DTD broke my XSLT. Although part of the reason is I took a shortcut when writing the XSLT, assuming all elements were in the global namespace, with the new xmlns attributes to the root element, I had to promote all the matches in the XSLT to identify tags within the r: namespace. That’s what took me so long to get the Résumé ready for release, but now it’s done and ready for release

Update 1 May 2020: I updated the executive summary to reflect the most recent work I’ve done and updated my interests to match my modern personal activities. I also created an embedded output for the XSLT which outputs div instead of html, head, and body tags, allowing it to be more easily be embedded in existing web pages. I also added a feature which cuts off the work experience before a certain year. I chose to only include the last twenty years of experience in my formal Résumé, but included it all in the formal Curriculum Vitae.

Finally, I made my current Security Clearance level hidden by default. I wish to keep that information on a need-to-know basis and not allow it to be broadcast publicly. This, however, can be overridden with an XSLT parameter.

I still need to update my LinkedIn, but now that I have my summarized work experience, I should just be able to copy-paste all that I’ve done. I also would like to reduce the number of items I list in my set of expertises. Right now, it occupies about a third of a page. However, making the list of expertises more concise isn’t a high priority at the moment.

Anyway, you have my Résumé and I’m more available than ever!