Talk, Fight, Talk, Fight, Talk

I’ve finally had a chance to work on the last six pages of my script, You Rang. I now have eleven pages and just need the last three to take us to the end. Most of the scenes are the same though with some minor differences as we move from a murder plot to an extortion plot based on feedback from the producer.

I did add some scenes with a threat of bank foreclosure and a suicide rather than a missing person, but overall, as I said, the scenes flow almost the same though without the middle act.

The last stage should be more of a farce, with a some angry words, then a fight, then more strong words, then more fighting, and so on until the protagonist and antagonist calm down. And I think I have a solid ending that should be fun.

Overall, I’m quite happy with it and hope to have it done by tomorrow.

Get writing, my friends!

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