Poor Substitute for Low-Acid Orange Juice


Many people are trying to show off empty shelves to indicate the panic that is Covidapolis, what I’m calling the panic around COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2. I personally think it’s bad form to post images of empty shelves of Sanitizers, Bottled Water, or Toilet Paper. I mean, it’s bad enough even the backup-backup-backup option from ancient times isn’t available.

Winter Forest, Still No Leaves
Not only is there no toilet paper in any local grocery store, even the trees can’t be used as backup! © 2020, Jeffrey C. Jacobs

Truth is, I already am good in that respect, and I have been since well before Covidapolis. From a Science point of view, though, the Economics of Hording is something I find fascinating.

Personally, I just wanted to stock up on some Orange Juice. So I get to the Tropicana section and as I approach, I am quite delighted to see the bounty. So many bottles ready to be purchased by me. I can just get my Low Acid Orange Juice and be on my way.

Wegmans Orange Juice, Covidapolis
The Tropicana Orange Juice Shelf at the Wegman’s in Dulles, VA on 14 March 2020, the first day of Covidapolis, © 2020, Jeffrey C. Jacobs

The thing is, I am a man with few ailments. But I do have one weakness, the acidity of citrus fruits. It’s a mild allergy. In small doses, I can tolerate even the most acidic fruits, but too much and my tongue starts to swell up and I start to sweat. Thus, I need my Low Acid Orange Juice.

Sadly, the Wegman’s in Dulles, VA has in the past be lax in stocking Low Acid. I have been there at least once where all Orange Juice was in stock except the Low Acid, and I had to drive all the way to Leesburg to get it. So, I knew even with all this Orange Juice, I may end up disappointed.

All Orange Juice in Abundance except Low Acid
As you can see, the there is for the most part plenty of Orange Juice, except Low Acid. As I have a mild an allergic reaction to Orange Juice acid, I can only safely drink Low Acid. Sadly, though this was taken during Covidapolis, everything but Low Acid is a common problem at the Dulles, VA Wegman’s. © 2020, Jeffrey C. Jacobs

Big surprise, they were again out. I really think this Wegmans need to keep better track of its inventory of Low Acid Orange Juice, especially since most of the other grocery stores don’t carry Low Acid. It seems to me if they’re often running out with all other stocks a plenty, they probably should be stocking more of it. There’s certainly the demand. It’s capitalism, 101.

In the end, I decided to go with something more like regular juice than Orange Juice since I know the mixed Orange Drinks typically have lower acidity. Fortunately, I found Orange-Pineapple to suit the bill.

Poor Substitute for Low-Acid Orange Juice
So much Orange Juice on the dawn of Covidapolis, but not a single container of Low Acid. So I had to settle for a Orange-Pineapple, which tends to be lower acid by virtue of being more like a juice drink than pure, pressed Orange Juice. © 2020, Jeffrey C. Jacobs

In the end, it was a successful trip to Wegmans. But, there was one Covidapolis shortage I was curious about…

Condoms on Covidapolis
Seems the Wegman’s is running out of Condoms on the dawn of Covidapolis. Guess folks are trying to figure what to do with a fortnight off. Wish I had a use for it. © 2020, Jeffrey C. Jacobs

Hunker down, my friends, and stay safe and sapiosexual!

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