Hello from Texas

If all goes well, I’ll be in Texas when you see this post, and this video from August 2017.

The reason it’s taken me so long to share the video is because when I filmed it, I underestimated how far across the screen the sun would track, so when it was about to go off the edge, I had to reposition the iPhone 5S which created a discontinuity in the video. Now that I have a 2023 Space Grey Macbook Pro with the M3 processor, using Final Cut Pro. I was able to split the video into 3 sections, and then eyeball the adjacent frames to make the movement flow smoothly. I then shifted the whole thing so the entire arc would fit in the frame.

The other problem with the video is when the full eclipse occurs, no light gets through and so the sun disappears! This is what I’m hoping to do correctly right now, somewhere near Austin.

I don’t know where I will be, as I wanted to go to the Lake Buchanan reservoir but if it’s too crowded, my friend Scott Wilson does have an alternate location I may end up visiting.

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