Hello from Texas

If all goes well, I’ll be in Texas when you see this post, and this video from August 2017.

The reason it’s taken me so long to share the video is because when I filmed it, I underestimated how far across the screen the sun would track, so when it was about to go off the edge, I had to reposition the iPhone 5S which created a discontinuity in the video. Now that I have a 2023 Space Grey Macbook Pro with the M3 processor, using Final Cut Pro. I was able to split the video into 3 sections, and then eyeball the adjacent frames to make the movement flow smoothly. I then shifted the whole thing so the entire arc would fit in the frame.

The other problem with the video is when the full eclipse occurs, no light gets through and so the sun disappears! This is what I’m hoping to do correctly right now, somewhere near Austin.

I don’t know where I will be, as I wanted to go to the Lake Buchanan reservoir but if it’s too crowded, my friend Scott Wilson does have an alternate location I may end up visiting.

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The Green Pill Podcast: Gender Fluidity

Folks, over the years as a man who in his 20s was lonely and could not get a date to save his life, I feel for the 15–29 year-olds of today. And, while I didn’t have The Matrix or the concept of the Red Pill back then, with much alarm I’ve seen these concepts and the shinier Black Pill concepts rise up to mislead the hearts and minds of my younger brothers-from-another.

What distresses me most is the misogynistic vitriol of the INCEL movement and I weep. For years I was in a situation which deprived me of marital bliss, where I wasn’t getting to do the things we all assumed married couples did. But, I never saw this as anything but a mismatched needs hierarchy. I was not doing what I wanted, but I was never an INCEL as currently defined. Indeed, now that I’m divorced, I really don’t have any more physical, enthusiastically consensual intimacy than I want, and only accept such intimacy with that enthusiastic consent, so I’m certainly not suffering anymore in that respect. That said, I remember what it was like, and I sympathy—but I don’t contonde the conclusions of those claiming access to the metaphorical Red Pill.

Red Pill addicts don’t see women as anything more than servile, less-than-human people, to put it as politely as I can. They break the world into Chads and Betas, and complain that Chads magically get all the women, leaving nothing for the Betas, which they all claim to be. They often suggest sexual assault as fair play, which isn’t just disgusting, it’s evil! Enthusiastic Consent isn’t impossible and if you wait for it, you’ll enjoy the experience so much more, and even better, she will no doubt have enjoyed it enthusiastically too—she will most certainly consider inviting you back. But, feeling entitled isn’t going to get you anywhere, and there is another way. Ditch the Red Pill, my friends!

Then, there’s the Black Pill. The black pill folks aren’t as bad as the Red Pill ones, but they still commodify women, and see them as less-than-human. People like Andrew Tate try to promote this “better path”, where men are men, and women are there to be conquered. But, this is just red pill dynamics like lipstick on a pig. Sure, no-one is suggesting sexual assault in those circles, but they are seeing women as non-sovereign and unworthy of making their own decisions. That is just too bitter a pill to swallow, and they can’t support enthusiastic consent because it doesn’t see women as being able to give consent, it sees them as obliged—or exited, moving on to the next, like it’s all a game. It’s again dehumanizing.

Instead, my dear friend Cat Smith and I propose a different way—a Green Pill way. A way which allows you to be on the masculine side, but still recognize that women are people with feelings and emotions and their desires, at a fundamental level, are no different than yours. And after all, Gender is just stupid!

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Happy Equinox

Today marks the Vernal Equinox, a day when the Earth’s axis of rotation is relatively vertical relative to its orbit around the sun. And to welcome the sun, I thought it would be nice to share the full, raw video I took in Myrtle Beach last January, with the ocean roaring in the background.

I started the video by approximating the location where the sun would appear using the Sun Seeker App, only to realize it was coming up a little to the left, and had to shift my camera’s direction—it was the 2017 Eclipse video all over again!

The whole video is a bit over 80 minutes long and the sun does go off the edge of the screen but you can see the palmetto in shadow from the ocean reflection of the sunlight, which I think the solar filter captures well.

So, happy Equinox all, and happy 81st birthday to my dear dad!