The Esher Demos

Legend among the diehard Beatles fans, such as myself, is the folklore of the Esher Demos recorded at George Harrison’s house on his Ampex 4-Track Reel-To-Reel. Fans got a taste of some of those tracks on Beatles Anthology 3, but not until the 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe version of the eponymous Beatles’ White Album.

Ampex 4-Track, available at, only $3,500!

The problem with this release of the 27 demos from May, 1968, is that they’re not put in the proper order as intended by the Beatles. However, thanks to YouTube Music, this can be remedied!

Behold, the Esher Demos, in their proper order!

The Esher Demo Playlist
Bessie with #CO2Fre

Twice the Electric Car Fun

Today, I attended two, virtual Electric Car events. First, my friend Mark Czajka hosted the first MDVolt virtual meetup. We met Tom Moloughney from InsideEVs. Unfortunately, I was multitasking though this meeting as I also host the Loudoun County Writers Group (LCWG) on Saturday mornings. Normally, I would skip my writing group on Saturdays for one of Mark’s MDVolt events, but this time, I could cheat and attend both, because they were both virtual.

I haven’t spoken much about the Mini-E — so far only in my EVSE installation post — but this car has been on my mind a long, long time.  When the leases were announced for 2009, I jumped on the chance to get one of the 500 East Coast orders.  But alas, my region wasn’t one of the privileged ones, so there was no Mini-E for me.  On the bright side, at least I saved over $800 per month for the last 2 years!

Two Years and 119 Cars! (Today)

I’m so jealous Tom got one of those Mini-Es. I was very desperate to get one back in 2011, when I wrote about it on the Affordable Electric Car Now site, as you can see from the quote above. Tom and I have both been writing about electric cars since 2009 so it’s nice to hear from a kindred spirit. One of these days, I hope he invites me to one of his barbeques.

It was also wonderful seeing my friend dear friend Vanessa Thomas at Mark’s event. She was nice enough to come to my virtual demonstration of #CO2Fre and it was wonderful seeing her here, even if it was hard to see anyone on my tiny phone—LCWG got the computer. Fortunately, Mark uploaded to YouTube, so I could finally the event and focus fully on the content. Check me out in the Pinball video.

Pity I couldn’t show off Bessie with #CO2Fre.

Bessie with #CO2Fre
Picture is #CO2Fre with the Doctor’s car, Bessie © 2020, Jeffrey C. Jacobs

Mark and I agreed we’d not embed the video here, but if you’d like to watch it, you can find it here.

Electric Car Event Number 2

Then, in the afternoon, my friend Charles Gerena from Drive Electric RVA hosted an event with Phil Englander at Hart Nissan in Mechanicsville. Phil gave a great walk-through of the latest Nissan LEAF. Great presentation, Phil and great seeing you again Vanessa. She and I were the only people to join both events!

Phil Englander at Hart Nissan in Mechanicsville walks us through the newest iteration of the Nissan LEAF, which has been sold globally since 2010.

Posted by Drive Electric RVA on Saturday, May 2, 2020

So nice to talk about electric cars since it’s been far too long for me since I was able to cruise on the cloud.

Keto Diet for Vegetarians?

To understand what is involved in achieving Ketosis, we first need to consider what the Keto Diet is, and what it isn’t. It isn’t Atkins. Traditionally, Atkins starts out just like the Keto diet. They both limit carbohydrates to 20–25 g per day. The difference is Atkins has you target a weight goal and taper up your carbohydrate allowance to 80–100 g per of Carbohydrates per day, where as Keto keeps you at 20–25 g constantly.

Sounds great! I was reminded of this watching an episode of Braniac, a rather crude YouTube channel. A recent episode on a diet of 90 days of bacon got me thinking. It’s not like as a vegetarian I want to go out and only eat Bacon and Lard for a season. But is there a vegetarian alternative to that while still being Keto?

Well, how about an Avocado? Hold the toast!

Avocados are a power food perfect for those aspiring to a Keto Diet. Just make sure your Mexican Avocado isn’t funded by drug cartels.

Let Kurzgesagt explain how to Flatten the Curve

I love Kurzgesagt on YouTube, and as I was thinking of a way to explain what it means to flatten the curve, I noticed that the channel had just posted an excellent video on both SARS-CoV-2 and on the best way to keep the death toll down. Simply, shelter in place, and follow the instructions in my the post I just linked to.

Overall, I don’t think every Kurzgesagt video is up to the same scientific rigor that I try to maintain for my science posts, but that’s because, like this site as a whole, it’s not entirely a science channel so I can forgive it its minor excursions into Fiction. But this time, they did an excellent job explaining how the virus works, how to keep it at bay, and how to not overwhelm the healthcare system of your nation.
Simply put, it’s another in a long list of great videos.


Kurzgesagt on the Corona Virus